Round 12 of 17: German Grand Prix

M. Schumacher
J. Montoya
R. Schumacher
R. Barrichello
D. Coulthard
N. Heidfeld
10 Points
6 Points
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German Grand Prix.Michael Schumacher ran the most perfect race in front of his people at the German Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher had never won in Germany in a Ferrari car. Today his dream came true. All of his fellow countrymen all raised and applauded their German Formula World Champion. This race was Michael Schumacher's victory celebration race and now he looks forward to taking some vacation time and focus for the final few races left to do before closing the 2002 season.

Team mate Rubens Barrichello was not so lucky again today. During his second pit stop Barrichello encountered some problems when the fuel rig and costed him a 20 second pit stop and losing a position he would have liked to keep.

The Williams driver's of Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya had a slightly better race than usual. Montoya was not as aggressive and did not have a very good qualifying sesion, but due to the misfortune of Barrichello he was able to finish in second place ahead of his team mate Ralf Schumacher. Ralf on the other hand was having a very good race and his car was much more quicker than Montoya's car. His bad luck happened on the track while coming to do a pit stop and was held back by a BAR that was also going for a pit stop. [More]

1. Ferrari
2. Williams
3. McLaren
4. Renault
5. Sauber
6. Jordan
7. BAR
8. Jaguar
9. Arrows, Minardi, Toyota


Dates : August 16, 17, 18

Location : Budapest, Hungary

Qualifying : Saturday, August 17 @ 7:00 am et

Grand Prix : Sunday, August 18 @ 8:00 am et